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7/28/2017] Bug Fixes, Home, & Duel Arena

Date: 07/28/17

Closed beta has been open for two days and we've made some amazing progress. Updates from the last two days along with some media for you to enjoy. Along with bug fixes we have switched our homes from the fishing colony to the castle(media below), as well as a new Duel Arena system(thanks to Tom).

Set up new home
Fixed claws
Hunter Expert has been added to the correct location.
No longer store coins in BoB.
No longer price check coins.
Fixed skill cape customizing (nulled character)
Rock crabs now have proper animations.
Ganos & runts have proper anims.
Godwars is now fully functional.
2nd Construction shop has been added.
New dialogues added for Makeover Mage, Shanomi, and Wizard Shug.
Warrior's Guild has been completely fixed.
Barbian Outpost Agility has been added.
Profanity Filter now works correctly.
Accept Aid now works correctly.
Right-click report now works correctly.
Barb course animation abuse has been fixed.
You no longer leave clan wars while not in the safe area.
Dominion Tower ranks have been fixed.
You can't light fires at home.
Polypore Dungeon merchant can now right click trade.
Warriors guild is now fully functional.

Closed Beta & News

Date: 07/26/17

Closed Beta

We have officially launched our closed beta. This will last for a few days until we clear out any remaining bugs in order to release. The beta-testers have already been chosen, and are working diligently. Once closed beta is shut down, we will take a day or two to finalize the server, and get into release mode. Thank-you to all the beta testers who are dedicating time in order for this to happen......

Release Date, Beta Testing, and Other News

Date: 07/23/17

Hello, just a quick post to inform you guys what's been going on with the server. As of now the framework is being worked on and should be done tomorrow(Saturday). On Sunday, I'm heading out of town for a week and won't be back until Saturday and I won't be able to accomplish anything server wise. I may or may not be on Saturday night but it's a 11 hour drive home so it's doubtful. Planning on working all day Sunday(July 2nd) getting stuff ready for release. Release will be planned on/around the 2-5th of July depending on how much gets done when I'm gone. The polling system will be launched shortly after release featuring polls of major content to be added bi-weekly. There will not be an open beta test, beta testing will be very brief and only select members will be able to take part, after which a wipe will occur. Thanks, Nic


Server Status Online

World: 1 [ECO] Players